So we managed to get home from the Orientation day, and even the GF managed to attend (partly because a couple of weeks later the snow had receded a bit!)

As with most of this process, there were periods of high intensity, weeks of e-mails and specific days, and then months where nothing happened.
This did not change even after our Orientation event, it all went quiet until March, when a flurry of e-mails announced that i had some role specific training scheduled for the 14th June, and an opportunity during May to pick up my uniform.

I also got to carry out some on-line training, which was nice. All was going very well, and now was starting to become ever more real.

I recieved an e-mail in March letting me know that I could pick up my uniform and pass card (accreditation) end of May 2012 ooooh, now it was getting serious, but then I got another e-mail, advising me that as a result of increased efficiencies, that I would be able to pick my uniform up on the 31st April. Yay, bring it on.

The 31st April duly arrived, and I had booked my time slot for 13:00 – 14:00. I was already scheduled to be in London on the day, so I knew that it wouldn’t be too difficult to get to. It was another beautiful day and warm too, which wasn’t too good for travelling on the tube! So I made my way to the east end of London on a warm sunny day and after a short amount of time searching, I found the warehouse. They had tried to dress it up a bit, with some nice flags, but it was a warehouse, and once inside, it was a huge and warm warehouse!
Again just like in Wembley, I met many other volunteers, although hardly any of them spoke, it was a strangely quiet experience. I did speak to some of the other volunteers, however because of the way we were all processed, we were often split up, to receive different accreditation or uniforms.

So I collected my accreditation, it had a red band and a number 4 on it, Oh and the letters STA (which I assumed meant the stadium!) I tried to squint at some of the others accreditation, but couldn’t make out much as no one was particularly interested in sharing which was a shame. The few I managed to speak to did show their accreditation but none of them knew much about their roles either,so we sort of sighed a bit and continued to bumble along through the process.
I took a number and proceeded to the uniform waiting area. Lots of us here now, patiently waiting for our number to be called so that we could proceed to the next step. No ideas what it was mind you, but still eager.
Again all here were very quiet, all watching the video screens, showing what we could expect as volunteers at the London 2012 Olympics. Still nothing mentioned about my role šŸ˜¦

After about 20 mins, my number was called. I proceeded to the first area, where we were to try on some trainers. Very professional they were, and the trainers looked quite nice too. My foot size was noted on the uniform collection paper I had been given to hold as I proceeded through the process. Then another wait for a bit, less people waiting here, but still strangely not talking much šŸ˜¦
I met a nice lady in the next section, who ushered me to a changing booth. She asked me what my clothing sizes were, I struggled to remember, muttering, 15, 32 and 34 ish leg I think. She smiled and promptly responded oh a medium then! I duly tried the outfit on (I was wearing a suit, so had a lot to change), it fitted, looked ok, and that was it we handed the clothing back to the supervisors and proceeded onto the next section.

The final sections were collection of uniform, more paperwork, checkout then pick up of Osytercard. So we all proceeded through the collection, getting a bag and then all the clothing was put into the bag, yeah šŸ™‚
So then we went to the check out section, and waited for about 10 mins, only for us to empty our bags, get all the items scanned, pick up a receipt and then re-pack our bags. I have to admit, this puzzled me, why couldn’t it all have been scanned when it went into the bag the first time, we could have saved nearly 15 mins! Picking up my Oystercard was the final section, and that was it, the end of the process, released back into the bright sunshine, now to make our way back via the London DLR and underground home. Some strange looks on the way, but nothing too major.

I got home, and checked it all out, left each item unopened though, no sense in trying it out too early, I still had 3 months to go before it would be needed. Despite the cries from my family and friends, I refused to try it on, they were not happy bunnies, but I was resolute!

Next step actual training, and my first proper look at the Olympic park!