Ok so I admit it, I am getting older 😦

I can see the signs, I get tired more quickly, I remember when things were cheaper and you could get more for a £ (more beer especially!!!). I also remember when I had more hair in the places I want it and not in the places I don’t!

And I remember clearly at the age of about 25 when my sister told me that I needed to grow up, and move on from listening to Trance, Dance and Uplifting house music to more grown up music. Wow I remember that clearly.

So the question is, did I grow up?

Well, nope.

Fast forward nearly 15 years and I still love Trance music, really love trance music. It’s not just the old stuff either, like Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar, or William Orbit’s Barber’s Addagio for Strings or even Jens – Loops and Tings, or Orbital – Chime or Cygnus X- The Orange Theme or, this or that or or or.

No, it’s the new stuff too, the stuff that Judge Jules plays in the last 40 mins of his show every week. I can’t believe it, but every Saturday and Sunday, it’s the BBC Iplayer churning out the Judge Jules Friday night show all round the house.

Oh and yes when I get a chance, I listen to it live, and if I could find a decent club playing it, I would probably go too.

Ok so in a club I would look a prat, but give me some glo-sticks and I wouldn’t care, no really, I wouldn’t.

So am I really old? Am I about to start having a mid-life crisis? I suspect the answer from those looking outside in maybe yes. But it doesn’t feel like a few years to mid-life crisis time for me yet.

Just leave me to enjoy my Trance music, and revel in both the new trance music being created, and the old tunes I know and love. And I hope when I am 80 I can pop into Ministry, or Gatecrasher and dance to the biggest (decent) trance tunes of the day, Who know’s maybe Judge Jules will still be on the decks (I hope so).

Trance music fans never grow old, I promise I wont, not all the time I love the stuff. 🙂