Probably a rhetorical question really as I am confident that I know the answer.

Why? Well I don’t think I have grown up, nor do I really want to either.
I’m getting old, I know that, and I am now at a stage where I can probably see as many years behind me, as I can see in front of me. It is not a welcoming sight, however I wont let it get me down, there is after all no point, as there is not much I can do about it unless I can find a fountain of youth!

So why do we stop having fun, we have to be adult about it, show some decorum, act our age. Why?
Well one reason I suppose is that it is not the adult thing to do, to mess about. We also hear ” oh he’s having a mid life crisis” etc. Well I can’t be accused of that, I have a relatively fast/speedy car, which I purchased a good few years ago, so I’m clear on that one, well unless I had my mid-life crisis in my early 30’s!

Anyway, back to the main question, do we ever really grow up. For me no. Yes I will act my age sometimes, partly because I may be tired and need a rest, other times on conference calls and in meetings I may need to be a bit more professional, but the rest of the time no, I refuse to grow up.
And I can confirm this to be the case, following the recent fun had with a collection of Nerf Guns. These are childrens’ toys that fire foam pellets, up to 20 metres.

Surely you can’t have that much fun with these toys can you? Yes you can, especially when a few of you use them in the office as well, particularly effective when on a conference call! Oh and they can be fun at home too, with the family, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, all armed to the teeth with these guns, firing foam darts, and spending huge amounts of time finding then behind the furniture and picking them up again.

Many of my adult friends (including the GF) enjoy these guns, are we all childish? refusing to grow old gracefully? I do hope so, just because we are older, and more of our cells are dying doesn’t mean we have to lose our ability to have fun in the most childish of ways.

Stay young peeps, and release your inner child once in a while 😉 Oh and have a very Happy new year.