An apology first though, not finished day 10 yet, so here goes.

We left the last post, where the morning crew were handing over the batten of work/volunteering to the evening shift.
But I have missed out a huge chunk, partly because I want to make these relatively easy to read! It’s not because I forgot honest.

Remember how earlier on Monday I mentioned that Usain was a nice person, who deserved all the adulation and praise that he gets, because he works hard for it, and remember how I said we would see it again? Well.

Today Phillips Idowu was competing in the triple jump. The crowd were amazing, all 80k behind him every step of the way, but today on this international stage he just couldn’t do it. We will probably never know why, but it was heartbreaking for us, and for all the spectators in the stadium and I am sure around the world.
He held his head up as he left the arena, and the crowd respected that, we all did.
And it must have taken some courage to come out again and perform the round of TV and media interviews, that are obviously so much fun when you are winning, but must be hard when it’s just not your day.

Usain speaking to Phillips

Usain speaking to Phillips

And this bit changed my day.
Hardly anyone will have seen this, i’m sure most spectators were watching the events, and some were just not close enough, but Phillips received a visitor whilst he was being interviewed by a non-uk TV crew. Usain Bolt had just finished a qualifying race (winning of course) and he started the TV interview session. Whilst he was being interviewed by the BBC, he must have noticed that Phillips was just up the way being interviewed by another crew. As soon as he finished the interview with the BBC, he made his way, leaping over the barriers, around the other members of the press and media who were there, and went straight up to Phillips, who must still have been in bits. Usain took some time to speak to Phillips before giving him a big hug and then talking some more. Probably no more than 3 or 4 minutes, but the fact was, he took the time to speak and console another athlete who was having a terrible day. And that struck me, for all his detractors, his big “I AM” persona on the track/stage and his obvious ability Usain Bolt is actually a really nice person as well as a hard working athlete.

I also forgot to add this bit too.
I mentioned earlier there were only 4 days left before my time as a Gamesmaker would end. Now being a bloke (a top bloke I might add) but still a bloke, I am pretty practical and I employ a just in time system for any task or activity. It works, well most of the time 😉

Anyway, it suddenly dawned on me that here I was enjoying one of the best times of my life and almost completely forgetting that I should really purchase some gifts and Olympics stuff for my Niece and Nephew and the rest of the family and that I had better do it a bit sharpish too! A fellow Gamesmaker thought it would be a good idea too, so we decided to take a detour and make our way to the huge megastore in the park.

The day had warmed up from the chill of the morning, and was gorgeous and warm as we made our way through the crowds in the park towards the megastore. This place was huge, basically a huge warehouse, and we were like the other thousands of people who wanted to visit. Our uniforms and passcards had no power here (not that we tried) and we didn’t mind because it was nice to queue with the spectators and visitors. We had quite a chat too, they were all interested in what we were doing, and we could share information about the stadium and the park. There were many who would be in the stadium this evening, so we took great delight in letting them know just how good it would be in there.
And the queue didn’t take too long. We made a point of chatting with our fellow Gamesmakers both in the queue and those managing the queue, again many of them wouldn’t see any events or the inside of a single venue, but they were still smiling and enjoying their experience.

And soon we were inside, crikey this place was huge and full, hundreds of people in here, but the shelves were well stacked, and we made our way further into this cavern of Olympics stuff.
We had a sort of idea what we wanted, but it was nice to look around and browse a bit too. Being honest, we couldn’t move that quickly anyway, there were just too many people here.

Inside the London 2012 Megastore

Inside the London 2012 Megastore

The London 2012 Megastore, bit large isn't it.

The London 2012 Megastore, bit large isn’t it.

There was plenty of things to buy, from badges to clothing to tea towels to pens to well almost anything you would want branded with an Olympics 2012 logo. I found a few bits and pieces for my Nice and Nephew, and a nice polo shirt for me. Well I wanted a souvenir to remember too, after all as we can see already my memory is starting to fade!
We made our way to the cash tills, another big queue here, but everyone was in good spirits, and there were plenty of cash tills, so we didn’t have to wait long.

And soon we were out, clutching our bags of goods, back out in the heat and the sunshine of the early evening. We had big grins on our faces, even if our wallets were lighter. We didn’t mind, after all, when would we be here again.

Well for me it would be sooner rather than later, but i’ll leave that for another day!

And we made our way out of the park on our way home. I would be back tomorrow, already eager to find out what the day would have in store for me.