I was shattered last night, but I slept well and had a nice lie in today.

Feeling refreshed, I made my way to the park. Even more happy smiling faces, and I met some neighbours who didn’t know that I was a Gamesmaker, and seemed genuinely pleased. I had comments about my uniform on the way in too. It was going to be a nice day today.

I arrived at the park, checked in through the Gamesmaker entrance, and was met with hundreds, no thousands of people wandering around the park. This place was heaving. The UK had caught the Olympics bug, and the park was full. When I arrived we still had the morning tourists who were wandering around after the mornings events, and the afternoon/evening tourists, who were wandering around before the evenings events, so it was heaving. But fun, everyone was in a great mood.

I made my way to the stadium entrance, the gate security were fully occupied today, answering questions from tourists, eager to find out when they can enter the stadium and take their seats. Not for a few hours yet, but there was plenty for them to do and see around the park.
I showed my accreditation and made my way into the stadium. I headed towards the Gamesmaker entrance, expecting it to be a heaving mass of people checking in. But nope, not today. We IT technician Gamesmakers must have been on quite different shift patterns to the rest of the Gamesmakers, as everyday so far I had not been met with any queues or lengthy delays. Each time I checked in I was served straight away, and today was no different. Today I got my card stamped, and was presented with another pin badge, a bottle of warm water, a rice crispy cake, todays Gamesmaker news and of course my evening meal voucher, still the best meal of the day! Armed with my suntan lotion, I collected my booty and made my way to the IT office (via the canteen for a cup of tea of course!!!)

The morning team were all smiles when I arrived. The evening shift was here, and my arrival meant they could leave. Before they left, they regaled us with tales of what happened during the day so far and how much they had enjoyed it all. Today was a big day, the 100 metres final would take place later tonight, with the fastest men on the planet competing; it was going to be a busy night.

But before all that we had to get back into the tribunes. Still sore from our activity disconnecting all the K locks from the screens yesterday, we made our way up, arriving to fantastic warm sunshine. A beautiful day for working on the tribunes, we set to work. This afternoon we needed to be quick, the stadium would re-open to the public at 6pm, leaving us not long for our checks.

We set to work. This was our normal routine now, but never dull, as we saw different faces (although we and the TV crews were starting to get to know each other) and the Chinese TV crew were keen to show us their live streaming. This was interesting, we could see what they could see, and how it would all work.
Everyone was really nice, and each day as we grew in confidence we would engage more and more with the people around us, who were always happy to stop and have a chat. We would often find that we appeared in test videos and a range of discussions too, usually with the technical teams back at their bases, so not on national TV, well I hope not anyway!

There were a few of us on shift today, assisted by our Acer and Atos colleagues too, and we neared the end of our tasks pretty quickly, giving us the option of taking our time on some of the areas. For me that was the top level of the lower tribunes, where many of the mini TV studios were situated, the TF1 studio, NBC and of course the BBC Sport one. The BBC were the host broadcasters and had a very nice set, which looked fantastic, and as our equipment was in there, it meant we had access to the set, and our equipment in it.

The BBC crew would leave some of their set (encompassing our equipment) powered making it easy to check, if difficult to get to. The TF1 crew, would often switch off the power to the entire area, meaning that we had to wait for them before we could check our equipment. Not this afternoon though for the TF1 set, although today it was hard to find where they had moved our equipment to though, preferring that it was kept out of site of the TV cameras!

As you know for the last 2-3 weeks we had been strongly advised not to take any pictures, and it was only really when the Stadium opened for business that we had the courage to take some snaps of the amazing scenery. We of course still could not take any pictures of the back of house areas, in case we gave away important information about upcoming events, however as more and more pictures of the stadium were being taken by the public attending the events, we hoped that we could take a few without too much worry?

So here we were, standing next to the BBC set, which looked fantastic, and wondering if we could take pictures?

The BBC Sport set.

The BBC Sport set.

Well we didn’t wonder for long, and a couple of us took a snap or two, after all when would be the next time we would be here ( apart from this week, and today with the set being empty too!) and we had been here for 3 weeks now, so surely they wouldn’t fire us would they??
We hoped not as we took our pictures.

Proud of ourselves we finished our work and made our way back to our IT office, like naugthy schoolkids, not telling anyone what we had done, just in case.

Tonight was going to be a busy night, and we had to be back in the IT office in time for our evening briefing, so we made our way to the canteen for our evening meal. Honestly I know I have mentioned how good the food served each evening was, but again it was delicious. We chilled for a bit, before making our way back to the office.

What would be in store for us tonight we wondered? and what would happen tonight that would make us feel really lucky. We were about to find out! Oh yes we were about to find out!

To be continued.