Well quite a lot as it happened.

There were more people in our IT office. It was already a little bit tight in there, and now it was getting more so. Our shift of Gamesmakers was bigger now, and we had a few more ATOS and ACER people too.

Our first task of the morning was to head out and do our regular PC checks. Now however we were starting to come across more people, more staff and Gamesmakers in the offices, more TV and press people. We still had 3 days to go until competition started, but there was definitely a change going on. A shift from the Opening ceremony to something different, something new.

Now more of the offices were being occupied, although we still had a large amount of freedom to move around the stadium as we needed, we could see how the stadium would begin to look for the competition, well certainly we could see how behind the scenes were going to look, we hadn’t been outside yet, that was still to come.

Our morning checks finished, we headed off to our morning tea break. It was still a relatively chilly and wet day out there, but much or our route to the canteen was under cover (well underneath the stadium actually) and we could make it there without getting too wet!
We could see more changes here, more people, still not full by any means, but definitely more Gamemakers. We discussed what had changed, the opening ceremony, oh and the fact that we, yes we would walk up to the Olympic Flame, we felt cool (even if we didn’t look it!)

Back in the IT office, where it was warm, we were issued with our next tasks, yup you guessed it, check the press tribunes! What those ones outside in the rain? Yup.
Now it wasn’t quite as bad as that, all the IT equipment was covered with tarpaulins, so the equipment itself was dry.

But that wasn’t what took our breath away when we arrived at the tribunes. It was the sheer scale of the change. Gone was the serene old England scene from the Opening ceremony, to be replaced with a no less beautiful games stadium. Ok so it wasn’t finished yet there was still more to do, more equipment to connect up, the timing boards to install, additional seating to be replaced (where the tree had been) and much more before the first events on Friday could take place, but now we were in the competition arena, one of the biggest and best you would ever see. And the flame looked beautiful too, really pretty.

We caught our breath and commenced the task in hand. We had to check the tribune PCs to make sure they were working after all the work that had taken place over the last few days. Normally a relatively simple task, only complicated by the fact we had to remove the tarpaulins first, which were of course laden with water and all the while making sure that none of the water seeped onto anything electrical!
We managed it, without incident, and all the machines were performing well. The upper tribunes completed too (a lot easier, they were covered by the stadium roof) we made our way back to the office.

There was more change on the way for us though. Today we were tasked to check a new range of PCs, in the timing, control, event control and announcement offices. We had not been here before, this was new.
Last week, these offices were not being used, but this week they were beginning to wake up, more and more equipment was arriving for them, and more people were working in these offices too. Not for Gamesmakers these roles, these were all staffed by professionals in their field, we would be some of the only Gamesmakers to see these offices and meet these people. These rooms were full of equipment, leads, cameras, microphones, desks and somewhere in that lot some PCs. Some of these rooms were restricted entry, and we needed to ask for permission to enter!

Some were quiet though, some were empty, and some had yet to have much equipment installed. We visited the IOC VIP offices, and the IOC adjudication offices, all with fantastic views of the arena (which they needed to be honest), and all with big opening windows out to the events and the atmosphere of the Olympics.

One was totally empty, apart from a couple of tables, and us of course. We had to install 3 new PCs in here, and connect up printers and other IT equipment, we set to work.
Up to now, we had, as you well know, been told not to take any pictures. But surely that rule had changed now? The Opening ceremony had finished, and the world could talk about it. I checked and a colleague who was not sure, said that he had taken a sneaky few, from hidden locations. Well this place was hidden, surely I could take a few???

So I chanced my arm, and did, there was hardly anyone in the stadium, it was raining, so hopefully I wouldn’t be caught.



Back to work, we had equipment to install, and we were nice and warm, and dry, inside on this wet day. And we were loving it, every minute of it.

We were impressed by just how much had changed, and fascinated by what we saw. Just like kids with the keys to the sweet shop, we couldn’t be happier!

To be continued…