Day 5, and another early start. Today’s hours were similar to my starting day last week, from 07:45 until 18:15. A long day, but at least today we would get lunch and an evening meal too!

I can’t remember much about the journey up there apart from the fact that my feet really hurt now, proper pain, looking down at the road and pavement pain, not taking much else in.
I arrived at Stratford station, more and more people were beginning to alight here now, more Gamesmakers, and I hobbled my way to the park.
It was a warm morning too, and as I neared the park gates I drank as much of my water as I could, before tipping the rest down the storm drains. Like the members of the public we also could not take any liquids into the park, so each morning I would tip the remains of my water down the drain. It must have been quite a sight each day.
I made my way through security, and hobbled my way towards the stadium. Today would be another beautiful warm summers day.
On arrival at the stadium check in, I asked whether anyone had handed in a cap, and was invited to check the lost property box. Nothing, well certainly no caps anyway. Oh well perhaps I would find it in the IT office.

I hobbled my way to the office, arriving nice and early, still listening to the Chris Moyles breakfast show. They had a feature inviting people to ring in and let them know what your were up to. Now should I ring in and tell them where I was and what I was doing? Nah, I wouldn’t get on anyway, and they wouldn’t be interested, so I chickened out and hobbled my way into the office.

I was one of the first in, but there were the odd few around, and I asked them if they had seen a cap lying around. None had, and I searched high and low, but couldn’t find one. Where on earth was it, where had I left it, had someone taken it home, and how, just how could I lose my hat, only 4 days into my Gamesmaker role?
Typical, and on one of the warmest and sunniest days of the year too, I would need a hat if we were working outside.

The morning almost kicked off as usual, we had a natter as more arrived, and our IT manager arrived with a huge grin on his face. Not sure I have mentioned it before, but he is one of the worlds leading Olympics IT managers, and he travels the globe setting up all the systems and running them too. Very important role, and a hugely knowledgeable chap!
Last night many of the volunteers and paid for staff were asked to join the rehearsal of the athletes parade, and this time they were also looking for flag bearer volunteers. Out IT manager being German, volunteered to bring in the German flag, and he was accepted. So last night on Wednesday 25th July 2012, he walked into the Olympic stadium, bearing the flag of his country. How cool was that, no wonder he was smiling!!! He showed us the picture that a colleague had taken. It looked awesome, and we were all jealous!

Today, there would not be anything happening in the evening, so we were the only shift. A long day, but as we found out, heaps to do! And it did also mean that we would get an evening meal, and they were really nice!

We kicked off with our normal morning routine. One thing we often found was that PCs in one spot yesterday, would mysteriously move around the building, finding a new desk, and sometimes even a new room! Now we suspected the PC pixies would come out during the night and move things around just for fun, but we weren’t sure! We would check them all and make a note of what we found and where it had moved to. Sounds strange I know, but if we didn’t know where it was, it would make it a lot harder to find if a fault was reported against it.
We were starting to encounter more people now, who were all polite, and would often chat to us about what we were doing. Slowly as time wore on more press would arrive, getting ready for the big day tomorrow, filling up their lockers with long lenses and multiple cameras.

I had noticed something strange a while ago, during one of my first shifts in the stadium. The lift we often took to take us to the press tribunes was huge and had a weight limit of 2 Tonnes. I wondered about this for a bit, and then forgot about it, until today. I joined the lift this time with lots of media techies, and lots of equipment, stacked high on trolleys, cameras, lights and lots of cables. Now I understood completely why the lift had a weight limit of 2 tonnes. Without it, with all those people and equipment in it we wouldn’t have gone anywhere!

Our morning checks completed, we headed for lunch. Again a nice affair, and we were genuinely starting to bond with our fellow Gamesmakers and the paid members of staff too.

The afternoon was gorgeous, brilliant sunshine and temperatures of 32c. We were very lucky Gamesmakers, not for us standing outside in the heat all day with little shade and only our water bottles for comfort. Not us, we got a nice air-conditioned office, where it was lovely to cool down and relax, in the comfy arm chairs and settees, with ice-cold bottles of water, straight from our own fridge. We were lucky gamesmakers!

But today, in the scorching heat, we had to go out to the tribunes in the afternoon, the lower tribunes too. Not protected from the sun or heat of the day, we had a heck of a task to do this afternoon, and me without a hat!

But what was it?

To be continued.