Well we left it last time where I had finished my interview and was making my way home. I’ll be honest, the trip home wasn’t particularly memorable, and I can’t remember what I did for the rest of the day, even though it was nice and sunny, but that is not important 🙂

We were told that they had many interviews to do (they needed 70k volunteers) and therefore it would be some time before we would find out if we had passed the interview. I’ll be honest, despite the wait, I was getting more and more excited, partly because of the Facebook page, and partly because some of my friends and colleagues were also being selected for interview. It was starting to become more real, I had had a taste of the Olympics experience at the interview and was beginning to like it!

So I regularly checked the website (we had our own login IDs) and nervously clicked the relevant sections, only to keep seeing “Application is under review” This was mildly frustrating, but I was comfortable in the knowledge that many others were in the same boat. So I read more about the stadium in the press, and kept up to date with the news on the telly, still hopeful that somewhere they would want a toilet cleaner to help out!

September crept up, and slowly left, still no notification. But again, although concerned, I saw that many others had not heard anything, and many had still not yet had an interview, so I wasn’t too panicky. To be honest I was just getting more and more excited and secretly hoping that I had got through.

Towards the end of September I was beginning to check my e-mail multiple times a day, but still nothing.

Then, on the 18th October at 15:30 the e-mail arrived! I had been offered a post, and it wasn’t toilet cleaning, oh no this was far better than I had hoped for.

For some reason, those crazy people at Locoq had decided to offer me a post in the Olympic stadium, I know, they must have been totally crackers or were maybe just being kind, but I didn’t mind, in fact I was made up.
I continued to read the e-mail, to find that not only had they offered me a post in the Olympic stadium, they had offered me a post as an IT Technician team member in the Technology team, oh yes, bring it on!

Now of course, IT Technician team member could mean that I would be spending the entire time in a basement under the stadium watching LEDs flick on some random piece of equipment and not see any daylight or althletics, but I had been offered a post at the London 2012 Olympic Games, in the Olympic Stadium! 🙂

I was a very happy bunny.