Did it start 7 years ago? I suppose it did, I remember watching in London, the news that London had won the Olympics bid, way back in 2005.

I was working with a different team then, and I remember they were all pleased about it, as was I. It was great in the news for a day, and then……
I wasn’t in London on the 7th, I was lucky. So were my colleagues, but many were not. Talk of the Olympics vanished as we all focussed on more important matters, and we talked, and reflected and offered support where we could.

Time passed, and we grew, and changed, moving teams, some moving companies, all still in touch though! But talk of the Olympics was still not on the agenda, not really that important.

Slowly though as time passed, more information started being shared in the press, sometimes I even accessed the construction site webcams, although most of the time they were showing our rubbish UK weather, mainly rain and snow and mud oh and steel structures!

And then about 2 1/2 years ago, the press started to share more details about volunteering, mentioning that an application process would be created, on-line, and that they would need some volunteers. Some interest maybe, but not too much and I filed the thought away, as the website to volunteer wasn’t open yet, so there wasn’t very much I could do.

As time wore on, more talk about the Olympics started to flow, luckily I think, I was still visiting London for work on a regular basis. I was able to read about it all in the London papers, seeing pictures of the park, but not really seeing the park if you know what I mean, growing slightly more interested, until finally, they announced the website address for applying to be a Gamesmaker

And I filed that away too, well, we had 4 months or so to apply, and really did I want to, after all I had no idea what it would all be about, sure I had seen the Olympics on the telly before, but becoming a Gamesmaker, umm?

So I thought about it… Seriously I did, well I think I did anyway. Should I volunteer or not.

I discussed it with a few people, and decided, yes I would apply, and I convinced my GF to apply too after all, what was there to lose, and remember there would be thousands of people applying, so there was little chance I would get through, so what the heck, no harm in trying.

So I registered and filled in the on-line application form. We were asked to pick our 3 best skill areas to volunteer for. I can’t remember all of those I chose, but know that one of the areas was IT (naturally) and the other was Customer Service, not sure about No3, maybe transport? They also asked where I would like to be a Gamesmaker, so I chose London, after all it was the closest to where I live! They also asked whether I wanted to apply for both the Olympics and the Paralympics. I really thought about this, and almost volunteered for both, but felt that trying to take a month off work might be too much for my employer.

I let my friends and relatives know I had applied. They were happy for me that I had applied, after all toilet cleaning was a useful role to play and like me, they thought that I wouldn’t get through either. After all this was the Olympic games we were talking about, so there would be a huge amount of interest and loads of people applying to be Gamesmakers.

That was September 2010, Locoq advised that we would be informed if we were successful during the summer of 2011. So I waited, with a bit more interest, but equally aware that there would be hundreds of thousands of other applicants, so my chances were low.

And sure enough there were hundreds of thousands of applicants, over 240,000 for 70,000 posts.

And I waited… :-s