I want to be a spaceman. No really, I do, although now that I am an adult, I suppose the correct term is that I want to be an Astronaut.

But that is unlikely to happen.

I remember in school, way back in the early 80’s, being called into a special assembly. At the time as I was so young I didn’t really understand the importance and impact of the event I was just about to watch.

Many schoolkids before me had watched Sputnik, and the Apollo missions, and here I was, sat in assembly about to watch the next milestone in the event of space travel – the first shuttle launch.

I remember it clearly, although at that tender age I suspect it had little impact, until now.

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to visit the penultimate shuttle sitting on its launchpad, waiting patiently until everyone was ready. A beautiful machine. Ok so I missed the launch, something about a Russian cargo supply and it’s launch window, but I did get to see one for real.

So I watched it, and the last ever, launch of a shuttle, on the web.

And that’s it, no more shuttles. A beautiful machine, lifting us into the heavens, so that we can learn, and marvel at our beautiful blue planet. A machine designed to be re-used, but in the end too expensive and dangerous to use time and time again.

And with its demise a piece of me has died with it never to return. Sure there are other launch vehicles but none with the emotions of the shuttle.

And with it my dreams of becoming an astronaut have died too. No space travel for me.

And yet still I want to visit space, but as I get older, I recognise that I wont witness much more space travel, no Warp drives, or transporters, no cities on the moon, no visits from the Vulcans or the Borg.

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, perhaps our devotion to money has stifled our desire to explore or are we realising it is too hard? I don’t know.

So what?, to be honest I don’t know, not really sure how to end this? Umm how about, come on CERN, prove stuff can travel faster than the speed of light, go on re-ignite my deisre for space travel 😉