I was in a rush, I admit it, and I needed to have a haircut before my Olympics Volunteer interview on the following Wednesday, and my usual place was closed.

I had been to this alternative place before, and used to use them regularly (admittedly when I had more hair of course) and not had a major problem. I knew they were quick, which was handy as I wanted to be back home in time for the F1 grand-prix.

They were quiet this particular Sunday, I walked in and there was a chap ready and waiting, so I sat down and asked for my particular style, which is quite short anyway, so they can’t do much damage.

Bzzzzzz as the sounds of the clippers start-up, and soon my hair gets nice and short at speed, and then…

Bzzzzzz, as he trims one of my eyebrows!

Now I was a wee bit surprised at this turn of events, I didn’t ask, and therefore did not expect him to feel the need trim my eyebrows. But what do I do now?

Well with one eyebrow now rather short, there wasn’t much more I could do, so I sat there, and waited for him to trim the next one, which luckily he did equally efficiently with a swift bzzzzzz

So there you have it, even members of the hair dressing community feel I have too much hair growing from odd places! Oh and now I have nicely trimmed, if a bit more bristly eyebrows.