It’s a huge lump of rock hurtling round and round our planet.

But then our planet is also a huge lump of rock, hurtling round a large gaseous ball of flame.

And here we stand, looking up at the stars and wondering why, if, who, when, how. We have science that continues to learn and investigate and some have religion to fill the gaps.

And we stand, and look and ponder at the vastness of space, it’s huge, really big, and if you were placed in the total perspective vortex you would understand, or would you?

Lets change the perspective, by thinking small, like one of those really tiny red spiders, we see in the uk during the summer. To them your back garden must seem the size of a continent, like North America for example. And your town or village must seem world sized. So the world must be.. well i think you get the picture.

So space is big, to us, but what if we are only the size of a tiny red spider…… Space could be really small to something or someone else, perhaps we are a mere speck of dust to them? Maybe a spec of dust on the end of their shoelace, and our existance depends on the whim of whether they wish to clean their shoes or not.

Vastness of space? I’m joining the red spiders 😉